Meditation Techniques in the Quest for Balance and Authenticity


  • Sandu Frunza


meditation techniques, authenticity, love, contemplation, spiritual experiences, mystic physiology, the hesychast methods, secularization, Mircea Eliade


Meditation has become a common instrument used by Western man in personal and professional contexts, or in the ones in which relationships with alterity are reconstructed. To understand the importance of meditation techniques I started off from Mircea Eliade’s fascination with the Indian culture and his attempt to explain the need to abandon a Eurocentrist perspective of values and spiritual practices hierarchy. On the grounds of the mystical imaginary that came to the West from Oriental spirituality, I showcased a few meditation techniques for personal development purposes. Focusing on the four existential dimensions (physical, social, personal and spiritual), I have highlighted the fact that for each of these, meditation techniques may be used to build up balance and authenticity. Corporeality, love, interiority and contemplative vocation are engaged in the meditation process aimed to recover man’s fundamental unity in the digital society. The dialectic of the sacred and the profane perspective, as captured in Eliade’s writings, was put to work to reveal the metamorphosis of significance and traditional symbolic practice when assumed as initiation by contemporary man. Meditation techniques become important because they are instrumental in the process of bettering the daily life.

Author Biography

Sandu Frunza

Babes-Bolyai University, Department of Communication, Public Relations, and Advertising, Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.






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