The Hijrah Phenomenon in Social Media: A New Social Movement in Indonesia


  • Mutaqin Alzamzami UIN


study, migration movement, social media, the Hijrah movement


The phenomenon of migration is gaining popularity among Muslim millennials and is increasingly embraced by the urban middle class, spurred by the emergence of prominent public figures who have undertaken this journey. This study aims to delve deeper into the trending phenomenon of educational pursuits within the hijrah community. Additionally, it seeks to examine the relationship between these studies and national issues, as well as inter-religious relations. This investigation centers on three primary Instagram accounts: @maknahijrah, @temanhijrah, and @hijrah.united, while also considering several other social media accounts as secondary sources. The research employs a qualitative approach, specifically utilizing the descriptive-analytical method to provide a comprehensive portrayal of the subject matter. This method was selected to illuminate the trends in hijrah community studies on social media. Data collection primarily relies on observation techniques. Regarding the trends observed on the three aforementioned accounts, topics include the significance of hijrah, prayer, Islamic wisdom, acts of charity, prohibition of courtship, prayer studies, and ukhuwah islamiyyah. However, no discernible connection to national or inter-religious relations has been identified in the posts from these three accounts over the past six months. This pattern is similarly reflected in the secondary accounts examined in this study.

Author Biography

Mutaqin Alzamzami, UIN

UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta, Indonesia.






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