Words to things: religious cosmologies in the context of the (Russian) Orthodox philosophy of language


  • Stephen Pax Leonard Moscow State Linguistic University


Orthodox, philosophy, language, sacred, word


Religious cosmologies put forward by Russian philosophers and thinkers at the beginning of the last century had important things to say about the linguistic construction of personhood and the relations between words and reality. Not shying away from personal phenomenologies which regard words as cosmic self-expression, these philosophers help us rediscover both the sensuality and physicality of language. This article explores how such apparently long forgotten philosophies of language live on to some degree in religious Orthodox practice in Russia today. What is more, it serves to remind us of the connections between language, spirituality and the sacred. By engaging with the spirit of prophecy, thinkers such as Bulgakov (and indeed some contemporary worshippers) show us the significance of what it means to ‘feel’ language.

Author Biography

Stephen Pax Leonard, Moscow State Linguistic University

Moscow State Linguistic University, Moscow, Russia.






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