An overview of philosophical counseling in Romania


  • Adrian Hagiu “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University
  • Sergiu Bortos “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University


philosophical counseling, philosophical counseling in Romania, applied philosophy, philosophical practice


This paper explores the books, articles and developments of philosophical counseling in the Romanian cultural space. To accomplish this, we first discussed some of the highlights of philosophical counseling and noted that it differs from other types of counseling. We also identified the main Romanian translations in this field in order to see how philosophical counseling was received in Romania. Next, we analyzed the contributions of Romanian authors to provide an overview, differentiating between books and articles, and we identified several topics of interest to them (fundamental philosophical counseling, ethical counseling, philosophical organizational and business counseling, etc.). In the last section of this paper we discussed the steps taken to institutionalize the profession of philosophical counselor in Romania. This paper is valuable because it describes the current state of knowledge in this field of philosophy in the Romanian cultural space. This overview leads to the facilitation of further developments, both in theoretical research in this field and in practice in the office of the philosophical counselor.

Author Biographies

Adrian Hagiu, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University

“Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Department of Philosophy, Iași, Romania

Sergiu Bortos, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University

“Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Institute of Interdisciplinary Research, Iași, Romania






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