The practice of counseling between philosophy and spirituality, an interdisciplinary approach


  • Vasile Hațegan South Ural State University (SUSU)


religion, spirituality, spiritual counseling, pastoral practice, philosophical counseling, theology, interdisciplinary


The objective of the paper is an interdisciplinary analysis of two forms of the counseling practice, philosophical counseling and spiritual counseling, starting from the role of philosophy in the counseling process, expressed in the form of existential counseling, which is also found in pastoral practices as a form of specialization, the spiritual counseling. Elements and features of the two types of counseling practices are presented comparatively in the paper, to highlight their common origin, through the similarities identified and analyzed in contrast to some differences, resulting from the application of tools specific to each field, which are individualized as distinct practices, with an important role in the spiritual evolution of the counseled person. The similarities identified lead us to observe a common area where they can be put into practice, both at the individual and community level. Thus, specific applications in the field of existential therapy applied to the person are highlighted; in the field of care and assistance provided to the elderly in residential centers; within the penitentiary system; or in the field of palliative care of sick people; and the same, the counseling practices for healthy people, for their personal and spiritual development. The conclusion is for the promotion of these specializations in the form of counseling practices, with an important role in the evolution of the person and society.

Author Biography

Vasile Hațegan, South Ural State University (SUSU)

South Ural State University (SUSU), Institute of Media and Social-Humanitarian Sciences, Chelyabinsk, Russia






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